History of Korean healthcare

South Korea has managed to establish its modern healthcare system and provide full coverage of high quality medical services to the population in a very short time. Korean healthcare relies on the effective social medical insurance system and a quality assurance maintenance at all levels. Despite the success and being a pioneer in the field of medicine, South Korea is open to share its experience of healthcare development and contribute to the improvement of welfare of mankind around the world.


Activity areas

We are promoting Korean institutions and companies which offer advanced quality medical services.
We are aiming to turn the healthcare industry into a new growth engine for Korea’s economy.


We provide professional support to medical specialists from foreign countries by giving them an opportunity to study and train at leading medical institutions of Korea

Medical services

We represent all affiliated medical institutions of Korea and promote their advancement on the global arena. We provide accurate and reliable information about Korean healthcare system, hospitals and treatment options for international patients

Pharmaceutical industry

We are working towards promotion of innovative pharmaceutical companies, allowing them to expand into new markets and assisting them with certification of medicinal products

Medical devices

We are working towards development of modern medical technologies, contributing to the promotion of Korean medical devices and products of medical use in the foreign markets


South Korea is a world leader in treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, organ transplantation,cosmetic surgery and health check-up.